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Have you &/or your family ever participated in a non-studio photo session? If yes, how would you rate your experience? *

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After having family portraits taken, would you be more likely to:

When ordering prints from a photographer, do you find it more convenient to choose exactly which prints and sizes you want in an a-la-carte format, or would you rather choose a set package?

How often do you generally hire someone to take photos for you, whether in a studio or by using an on-location photographer (NOT including portraits taken at school)?

Which of these options would you use MOST when searching for and selecting a photographer?

What total amount, including either prints or a digital CD, would you consider too much to spend for an on-location, custom photo session?

When receiving proofs, would you prefer to have an online proofing gallery along with the printed proofs?

When receiving proofs, sometimes too many images can cause one to feel overwhelmed by too many options, whereas too few can be very limiting. What do you think would be the best number of proofs to receive?

Editing style: When you receive photos from a photographer, what style of photo processing do you usually most prefer?

When receiving proofs or a digital CD, would you prefer to see multiple versions of every photo (such as color, black and white, vintage, etc.), or would you rather the photographer choose and present the style he/she thinks fits best?

Which picture style do you prefer?

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